Extraterrestrial “IMPLANT” Technology & how it works, this device may not just be for tracking, it may also be used to make the Experiencer more susceptible to “Virtual Reality Scenario Technology” (VRST), Which Is often utilizing holographic imagery to deceive.

What do we know about real physical “IMPLANTS”, like The ones that have been removed & scientifically examined by professionals like Dr. Roger Lier? What we do know is they:
1. Emit “Extremely Low Frequency” (ELF) Bands.
2. Generate a Magnetic Field of 10m Gauss.
3. Isotropic Distribution deviates by 4%, anything more than 1% is considered to of non Earth origin.
4. Composed of bundles of non-naturally occurring “Carbon Nanofibers, & Carbon Nanotubes”.
5. Contain “Iridium”, which is only found in meteorites
6. Composed of an Ferromagnetic Material.
7. Connected to the Contactee’s Nervous System.
8. There is no inflammation, or immunological reaction in the body of the subject.
9. There is a subtle change in the mood, & though process of the subject after there removal.
10. When removed & exposed to air they break up, & then will reassemble in Blood Serum.
11. The object is advanced enough to be capable of multiple functions……